Holly was led to Ananda for the Hatha Yoga in the 90’s, and stayed for the Meditation and Kirtans. Now she leads all three, as a Certified Ananda Yoga and Meditation teacher. She especially enjoys sharing Ananda’s “bhakti” or devotional vibration through chanting and the inward aspects of Hath.

Pat Vold, nearly an Arizona native and local Tucsonan, was an excellent teacher, administrator and coach in her professional career. She brings great listening skills and an wise understanding of people and her 20 year search for truth at Ananda Tucson to the Book Study Groups.

Arjun was introduced to Ananda through the Builders’ Guild in the 90s, and has been connected with Ananda Communities in California and Seattle. A lifelong musician, he anchors Tucson’s Kirtans and Meditations with inspirational harmonium, guitar and vocal devotion. A long time meditator and meditation teacher, Arjun also completed the Ananda Meditation Teacher Training in 2002 at Ananda Village, as well as the Living Discipleship program at the Ananda Meditation Retreat in March 2020.